American Sociology : Social Changes In The Cities

Le cours American Sociology : Social Changes In The Cities dispensé par F. Truong au 2ème semestre (jeudi 9h-12h) peut être validé comme Question de Sociologie 3, Question de Sociologie 4 ou EC libre dans les fondamentaux.
Voici un descriptif de ce cours :

This course will present how, since the beginning of the XXth century, life in the cities has become one of the most important topic in American sociology and has changed the way Sociologists worked and thought.
Through the outgrowing urban life, sociology has discovered many stages of social changes (regarding interactions, social structure, deviance and social control, ethnic relationships, spatial structure and territorial discriminations…)

Each session will be centered on a critical reading of a founding sociological text and of an analysis of a short movie extract. Each text has been chosen for its particular contribution in the history of urban contemporary sociology. The illustrative movie extract will then be discussed and deconstructed through a sociological eye.

American Sociology- The lessons